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Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever. Hebrews 13:8
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Community Outreaches

We are comprehensive church commissioned by God to meet the needs of our communities and neighbourhood.

Kingdom Children Choir: Organising and training children to sing and entertain people especially in elderly peoples home.We will train children to play musical instruments.

Dance, Drama & Acting Classes: We will organise dance, drama and acting classes for the children and young adults.

Saturday Supplementary Class: We will provide Saturday school for age 7-11 which will include Mathematics, English, Science, SATs exam preparation and 11 plus test for Secondary admission. GCSE & A Level classes for 11-18 in association with Kingsgen Educational Services

Employment Surgery: Helping people to prepare for employment. teaching them how to prepare CV, fill application forms, interview skills, work ethics etc

Financial Management Centre: Giving advice to people on how to manage their finances including how to prepare household budgets, debt management.

Health and Fitness Centre: We are engaging professionals to advice our community on healthy life style. We are partner with Change4Life, goverment initiative to promote healthy living

Marriage & Relationship Counselling: We provide advice on how to have a successful marriage and excellent relationship based on Christian Faith.

Kingdom Youth Development Centre (KYDC). At KYDC, we provide youth mentoring programmes, helping them to discover their giftings and callings from early age. We empower them to become successful inventors, investors, entrepreneurs. We do encourage them to excel in academics and vocational studies. They are equip and develop to become leaders today instead of tomorrow.

Kingdom Business Centre: We empower our community to become successful kingdom business people. Training are provided on how to start business and manage business with Kingdom principles.

Note: The starting date of some of these activities depend on availability of venues.

To receive more information on registration, starting date and venues for any of these community services. Contact us at

Here are links to our other organizations:
Kingsgen Educational Services
Building Your Children's Future.


Service times

Sunday Celebration Service
Kingsdale Foundation School
Alleyn Park
West Dulwich
London SE21 8SB

11.00AM - 1.30PM

+44 7985423504


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