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Overseas Missions And Projects

BLCC is supporting the following missions and projects financially in Nigeria and India.

Nigeria Rural Education Project
Nigeria has one of the highest numbers of the children not in school in the whole world according to BBC report. One Sunday morning, during our service, I had this strong urge in me to starting sponsoring children education in Nigeria. This was shared with my wife and two days later, I read the report on BBC website. Being a Nigerian who had to pay for own secondary and further education in the 80s when Nigeria was not as bad as it is now, I knew this is true state of Nigerian Education at the moment. Working class and Middle Class parents are now sending their children to private schools as the state schools are on strike most of the time or not delivery the right education to the children. Some parents cannot even afford school uniforms not mentioning books. The school buildings are falling down gradually and politicians are not doing much to help as they afford to send their children to overseas countries for education.

We cannot help or sponsor all rural Nigeria children but we can deliver some from poverty by assisting and supporting their education.

Join us on this education deliverance project.

CFCT Orphanage Home NICOG ATHIPET Chennai, India
I travelled to Chennai for training programme and as I was walking on the street, I saw this woman who was smiling which forced me to look at her. I saw her car with Christian inscription and that gave me the impression to guess that she is a Christian. We greeted each other and she introduced herself as a Pastor wife. She collected my phone number and later in the evening, she called to invite me to the church which I rejected. She made several attempts to invite me to the church which I rejected. She now said “if you are not coming to our church, please can you come to our orphanage to encourage the children, they are always happen when they see a visitor who can encourage them.” At this stage, I do not have choice than to say “yes”. She can come and pick me. We supported the orphanage for two years and we are hoping to start supporting them again.

Revival Summit Ministries Thus is a Rural Missionary organisation in Lagos Nigeria.
The focus of Revival Summit is rural evangelism, crusade and missionary work. It is not a church offshoot therefore they depend on financial support of individuals and other organisations for their programmes. We are partners with the Revival Summit in reaching the rural communities of Nigeria.


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